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Risika helps B2B companies with credit ratings, risk assessments and building profitable customer relationships. Start today with automatic risk assessments and intelligent monitoring of companies.

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Credit Rating

By using credit ratings, you minimize the financial risk of new B2B customers. A credit rating is an assessment of the risk that a potential debtor will not repay his credit. With Risika's platform, you can also keep track of current or potential business partners, as you will receive immediate notifications if the financial situation of a current customer or business partner changes.

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50+ critical attention points

Bankruptcy analysis
There are 4 or more bankruptcies or foreclosures among the people related to the company. This factor harms the total score.
COVID-19 risk
The company has a stressed liquidity, which under the current market conditions (COVID-19) can lead to an increased risk.
Industry risk
The company is operating in an industri with a high bankruptcy risk
No auditor involvement: There can be some uncertainty about the financial figures, due to no involvement of an auditor. The overall Risika score has been adjusted and divided down.
Change in management
The company has had changes in management or in the board for the past year.
Politically exposed individuals
The company has politically exposed individuals in management or ownership.
Trend in annual result
The company has had a positive result for the past 3 years.
Solvency ratio
The company has an excellent solvency ratio and is among the top 10 in this industry on this particular ratio.
Change in turnover
The company's turnover has increased more than 20% since last year
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What is Risika?

Intermediate and large B2B companies have two main challenges when it comes to credit assessments. The first one is when they lose money due to unpaid debt. Risika provides a solution by creating accurate credit assessments. The second one is that it can take companies too long to assess their clients, and this is where our intuitive solutions and process optimization come into play.

What you get:

  • Credit scores and recommendations for all Danish, Swedish and Norwegian companies with at least one annual report.
  • Check current and potential B2B customers and suppliers throughout the Scandinavian region before you trade. 
  • With automatic monitoring of your customer portfolio, you avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Our algorithm takes into account key figures, industry, bankruptcies in the owner circle and much more.

Our clients say

  • FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S
  • Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, Nordisk og Baltisk
  • Obsidian Digital
  • Frokostkonsulenten
  • Friday Group

"At Freja, we ensure that shipments to our customers arrive on time, safely, and at a reasonable price. This is exactly what we prioritise when choosing our IT suppliers. Risika provides the best foundation for our employees to assess our customers’ credit while keeping the price down to a minimum."

Freja x Risika

Pia Kølsen

Team Manager Finance Operations at Freja Transport

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