Minimize your financial risk - automatically!

Let us handle your credit ratings and risk assessments for you to build profitable customer relationships.

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Why Risika?

B2B companies have two main challenges when it comes to credit assessments. The first one is that they lose money due to unpaid debt. The second one is that the assessment itself is too time-consuming. 

With our expertise and use of artificial intelligence, we are proud to offer both fast and accurate credit recommendations.

The list of benefits is long. Let's start with the most crucial ones: 

  • Credit scores and recommendations for all Danish, Swedish and Norwegian companies with at least one annual report.
  • Check current and potential B2B customers and suppliers, so you are always aware of the risks, before you enter a trade. 
  • With automatic monitoring of your customer portfolio, so you are always up-to-date on market changes, and how it may affect your business 
  • Our algorithm takes into account key figures, industry, bankruptcies in the owner circle and much more.

Why our customers trust us

"We are incredibly happy with Risika's platform, as it enables us to automate the credit process, thereby saving us time and costs. We use it across the entire Dagrofa Group, which enables us to react quickly to market changes" 

Dorte Ulsø Jensen

Head of Customer Accounting