About Risika

Over the past few years, Risika has helped to create security in trade between Danish companies through fair and accurate credit assessments.

It all started in April 2017

Risika is a Nordic FinTech start-up founded in April 2017, who wants to help B2B companies save money by avoiding losses and by automating manual processes. In short, we want to make it easy to run a healthy business. We sell a SaaS product as well as API integrations that help our customers minimize their financial risk. Behind the scenes, we have an advanced engine spinning - it uses traditional and non-traditional data sources together with cutting-edge algorithms to run automated risk assessments.

To get the best solution you need the best team. Our team consists of specialists in the fields of accounting, computer science, project management, user experience (UX), risk management, statistics, sales, and marketing which allows for a diverse and complex group of highly qualified people.

Our history

Risika was founded in April 2017, with a starting point of wanting to help Danish companies, by making it easier to maintain a healthy business.  The founders have, amongst other things, experience in banking and auditing. This is a combination that gives a solid foundation for developing the best credit assessments. The first year was spent developing a deeper understanding of the challenges that B2B businesses face in relation to financial risks, as well as developing the first prototypes of Risika’s online platform. At the same time, Risika succeeded in obtaining two investments from the Innovation Fund, as well as assembling a team of advisors with many years of experience in strategy, credit granting, law and investment. 
Then things started moving fast, and since April 2018 the team has grown from 1 person to over 10 fulltime employees – and we are still growing. In December 2018 two English investors joined our team, and with help from their large network in London, we are gradually getting inside the British market.
At the beginning of 2019, Risika became Risika A/S, and now we have a professional Board of Directors, helping us with reaching the next steps on our journey.

Meet the team

Meet the people who make credit assessment easy and accessible for you and your company. 

Risika team pic