Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are used on almost all websites, and in some cases, the use of cookies is the only way a website can work properly. 

1. General

1.1 Vi use cookies and other tracking mechanisms (together called “Cookies”) on the platform, to improve our service and target our adds.

1.2 At your first visit to the website, you will be asked to accept that we place one, or more, Cookies on your device. Your continuation of using the platform is also an acceptance of this. You can opt out of Cookies by following the guide below.

2. About Cookies

2.1 A Cookie is a short text file that is stored on your computer. Cookies allow us to:

  • Recognize you when you visit the platform, in order to give you a more personal experience.
  • Examine your habits on the website. The better we understand what products you are interested in, the better our ability to create solutions tailored to you.
  • Get information on the number of visitors and their behavior.
  • Improve the website performance.

3. Our used Cookies

3.1 We accept the following cookies, which you have accepted: 

Name Type Purpose Third-party Storage time Read more


HTTP Cookie

Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real-time bidding from third party advertisers.


3 months


_ga HTTP Cookie Used to distinguish the user Google Analytics
_gid HTTP Cookie Used to distinguish the user Google Analytics
_gat HTTP Cookie Used to limit the request rate (throttle) Google Analytics
_hssc HTTP Cookie Keeps track of the user's session HubSpot
_hssrc HTTP Cookie Check if it's a new session Hubspot
_hstc HTTP Cookie Main cookie for tracking the visitor HubSpot
_hubspotutk HTTP Cookie Keep track of a visitor's identity HubSpot
_messagesUtk HTTP Cookie Keeps track of the specific visitor so it can retrieve message history if the visitor returns back HubSpot

3.2 In addition, we use a number of Cookies strictly necessary to the functionality of the platform, and therefore they do not require your consent. We always make use of Cookies necessary for the following functions:

  • Login
  • Custom browser setting (e.g. selection of country, language or font size)
  • Authentication cookies (verification of user identity for access to secured websites)
  • User validation cookies (security against (repeated) log-in errors)
  • Multimedia cookies (regulating network speed or image quality and activation of video or audio files)
  • Plug-in for social media (share or like functions)
  • Load balancing (balancing the access to the platform)

4. Deselect or delete Cookies

4.1  You can turn off Cookies in your browser, including deleting your browser history. See how on

4.2 If you choose to block or delete our Cookies, you might not be able to get access to functions on the platform, which can affect how the platform works.

4.3 You can always reject Cookies in your browser’s privacy settings.

5. Contact information

5.1 In case you have questions regarding our cookies policy, you can contact us here:


   Last updated 24/6-2019