You get a credit rating, intuitive credit terms recommendations, as well as good advice and things to be aware of. It is an easy and important check that provides lower financial risk and better liquidity for your business.


Credit Rating

By using credit ratings, you minimize the financial risk of new B2B customers. A credit rating is an assessment of the risk that a potential debtor will not repay his credit. With Risika's platform, you can also keep track of current or potential business partners, as you will receive immediate notifications if the financial situation of a current customer or business partner changes.

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Bankruptcy analysis

With the bankruptcy analysis you get information about whether there are any bankruptcies related to a given company and/or person. This makes you at the forefront before you negotiate and give credit to potential customers.

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Credit policy

Set up your own internal and industry-specific credit policy directly on the platform. All use of the Riska platform is automatically adjusted accordingly to the credit policy, maximizing security when entering agreements with your B2B customers.

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Once your customers and vendors have been added to monitoring, you will automatically receive a notification whenever changes occur. This could be due to a decrease in Risika Score, company status change, and change of the master data. The monitoring function allows you to react immediately, e.g. if your customers change their risk profile, you can stop giving them credit.

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With our API you can integrate our data directly into your system, and through this, you will get access to all our data, credit assessments, accounting data, etc. 
The API can help to automate the credit process in your company. Get easy access to a complete overview of customers and associates, so you can make quick and correct decisions. We will gladly expand with new integrations to fit your system.

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We already deliver integrations to, for example, Microsoft Navision, Web CRM, Podio, Hubspot, etc. We are expanding with integrations for your system of choice.

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Credit reports

Our credit report gives quick and intuitive insight into your clients, suppliers, and collaborators. We have gathered and collected the information needed to assess the risks in trading or entering into a new collaboration with a new company.

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Data deliveries

The data is provided as a daily or single data extract in CSV format and is typically sent to an SFTP server or via mail. An alternative way of accessing the same data is through our Nordic API. We can either supply the data as raw data or in a post-processed format, where we have unified all data sources to a global format. 

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