Direct systems access to all master data, credit rating, key figures and accounting figures on all Danish, Swedish and Norweigan companies.

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Integrate with your own systems

With our API you can integrate our data directly into your system, and through this, you will get access to all our data, credit assessments, accounting data, etc. 
The API can help to automate the credit process in your company. Get easy access to a complete overview of customers and associates, so you can make quick and correct decisions. We will gladly expand with new integrations to fit your system.


Make the process of assessing your customers’ credit status easy and automatic. By integrating your own ERP and CRM system with Risika’s API, you can collect payments directly via our recommended terms. You can read more about our integrations here

Data points

Our clients have completely different needs, which is why they use our API in different ways. Our data continuously expands and everything can be integrated into your system. 

We are collecting data from the following sources and can be accessed from the same API: Statstidende, Tinglysning, CVR, Brreg.no, Bolagsverket, Sveriges domstole, Webdata, Companyhouse (in development), German data (in development), Prh.fi (in development). 

Lead generation

Our API is created as a REST API and implemented with a wide range of search functions in company names, secondary names, and participants. Also, we have attached a webhook so you can easily monitor your customers.

By being connected to Risika's API, you get access to all relevant companies. Your sellers will therefore also be able to automatically withdraw fresh lists for outreach sales.