Data deliveries

Risika delivers enterprise data as full extracts or special ad hoc extracts of more than 17 million companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and UK.


Data delivered on a daily basis

The data is provided as a daily or single data extract in CSV format and is typically sent to an SFTP server or via mail. An alternative way of accessing the same data is through our Nordic API. We can either supply the data as raw data or in a post-processed format, where we have unified all data sources to a global format. 

Accounting data

This includes all general accounting figures for all available financial years (revenue, costs, financial items, assets, equity, provisions, and debt). Also, we provide all types of KPI's and accounting information: type of statement, auditor, the power to bind, number of employees, date of the annual general meeting, etc.

Relation overview

Participant relations include all available information about the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board, the auditor and the owner group for the individual company.

Company information

Business information includes all available information on address, corporate identity number, company capital, company status, industry code, advertising protection, contact information, company type, date of establishment, purpose, subscription rule and registration history.