With a credit assessment of your clients and suppliers, you can minimize the risks of financial losses to debtors, and you can reduce the number of cases of debt-collection.

We deliver integrations

We are already delivering integrations to, for example, Microsoft Navision, Web CRM, Podio, Hubspot, etc. We are expanding with integrations to your particular system.

Microsoft Navision

Here you can, among other things, see the latest accounting information, company information and all our credit information such as credit scores and credit limits. You also have the opportunity to be notified if your credit limit has been exceeded or if one of your supervised customers is in bankruptcy.

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If your seller uses Podio as a system, then we can easily help you integrate the Risika score and credit limit directly into the system.

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If you use e-conomic to keep track of your customers, you can keep your list of supervised customers up to date with easy integration. You will automatically receive emails when there are changes or danger signals.

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