Risika's platform allows you to filter potential customers based on advanced data such as location or industry, which enables you to target your marketing activities at relevant customer segments. 


Optimize your marketing efforts

At Risika, we deliver quality data that is updated every 10 minutes, which ensures that you always have the newest data at your disposal. You can use this data for lead generation, segmentation of your customers, and better targeting of your online campaigns. 

Lead generation

You can make quick data extracts for all Nordic companies and collect valuable master data such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, and much more through our platform. This can be used for online marketing to generate new leads. We currently have master data on more than 4 million Nordic companies that can be used to create lead lists. These can then be uploaded to different SoMe channels. 


Use our advanced filtering to find relevant industries based on a preferred target group and then select your target group based on criteria like demography, geography, financial key performance indicators, etc. Afterwards, you can target your advertisement based on your customers' communication channels. This enables you to specify and differentiate your messages through targeted lead generation.
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Campaign targeting

Combine social media's detailed targeting with your lead lists to reach your desired target group. This is possible if you upload your lead list to your preferred media. This will enable you to get the most out of your campaigns and keep your CPC price down to a minimum at the same time because your target group isn’t too wide. The lead list can be used for custom audiences or re-marketing.