Informational letter

Information letter concerning the processing of credit information. 


1.1.Anyone wishing to do business processing information for the evaluation of financial solvency and creditworthiness, with the purpose of the disclosure (credit information agencies are required to comply with chapter 5 of the Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Regulation regardless of whether the credit information relates to companies or people).

1.2. In connection with our company, Risika A/S, which is an approved credit information agency, we will be processing the credit information on a number of registered companies.

1.3. The terms of our processing of personal data and your data protection rights are described in detail, in this information letter.


2.1. Risika A/S is approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency as a credit reporting agency cf. the Data Protection Act § 19, cf. § 26, (1), no. 2, with the following contact information:

Risika A/S

Kronprinsessegade 26B

1306 Copenhagen K

VAT-number: 37677892

Phone: +45 42 90 57 57, email and website


3.1. We process the credit information in accordance with our permission from the Data Protection Agency of May 17, 2018, with the purpose of professional disclosure of information for the assessment of financial solvency and creditworthiness

3.2. For the purpose described above in section 3.1, we process company data, anonymized payment data, geographical data, statistic banks, and accounting information. This is done through statistical modeling of data, where one can compare active and inactive companies.

3.3. The processing is done with the purpose of assessing the financial solvency and creditworthiness of the company, in order to ensure that our clients’ trading with new and existing customers, is secure.

3.4. The processing takes place in accordance with the Data Protection Act § 20 (1) which prescribes that credit information agencies may process information which, by its nature, is relevant to the assessment of financial solvency and creditworthiness.

3.5. We do not use personal data for other purposes.


4.1. As part of the processing of information, Risika A/S collects publicly available data from,, and We furthermore collect information from the companies to the extent to which the information is publicly available.

4.2. We process the following categories of information:

4.2.1. Identification information, such as name, address, and VAT-number

4.2.2. Information on taxes, debt, and information on finances, to the extent in which the information is publicly available, including any bankruptcy history.


5.1. You can, at any time, contact us and ask us what information about you we are processing. You can furthermore request for us to adjust incorrect information and delete, object to, or limit our processing.

5.2. We point out that Risika A/S does not have access to editing of, or system change within, the public databases from which we collect information. Therefore, if you have found incorrect information about your own company, this correction must be done through the relevant public database, and not through Risika A/S, including the following:

5.2.1. If you find incorrect master data on your own company, this must be corrected through

5.2.2. If you find errors in your accounts, you must contact your accountant or the person who has done your accounting.

5.2.3. If you find errors in the registration information about you, which we share, you must contact

5.2.4. If you find errors in the information provided by the government gazette of Denmark (Statstidende), you must contact

5.3 If you wish to contact us about the use of your data, please write an email to

5.4 If you wish to complain about our processing of your data, you must contact the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 1300 Copenhagen K,


6.1 Our customers, who are subscribers to our database, are given the information we have registered, regarding your company. The information is only given in the written form, cf. the Data Protection Act § 21, and is only communicated in oral and summary format, if the enquirer/customers name and address is noted and stored for at least 6 months, cf. the Data Protection Act § 21 (2).

6.2 Personal information is not included in our publications, and our publications furthermore only contain company information in summary form, cf. the Data Protection Act.


7.1 We do not transfer your credit information to third parties outside of the EU.

7.2 To the extent to which we are required by law, we disclose credit information to public authorities or other third parties. Any disclosure will thus be justified by special circumstances, and only the necessary and relevant information will be disclosed. Upon disclosure of information, the recipient will be given full confidentiality.

7.3 We use our own data processors, who act on our behalf. The database is hosted by Amazon Webservices, Frankfurt, Germany.

8. Deletion

8.1 We process your information, for as long as it is necessary in order to fulfill the purpose of the processing, cf. section 3 above. As a starting point, we thus process all the information as long as the company is registered in our database.

8.2 We delete information regarding matters that speak against creditworthiness and which are more than 5 years old unless the matter is of crucial importance for the assessment of the financial solidity and creditworthiness of the person concerned, cf. the Data Protection Act § 20 (3).

Last updated 24/7-2019