Episode 1: The state of Danish economy

Guest: Tommy Ahlers 

Our host Timm Jeppesen talks with entreprenur and member of Folketinget's Venstre political party Tommy Ahlers, who compares the crisis with the latest financial crisis, while giving a guess on how many bankruptcies we can expect and in which industries. 


Episode 2: The State of Hotels and Restaurants

Guests: Kirsten Brøchner and Kirsten Munch Andersen 

CEO of Arthur Hotels, Kirsten Brøchner, shares her experience of being in the eye of the storm and how it is to navigate a business through a crisis. 

Political Director of the Danish industry organization HORESTA, Kirsten Munch Andersen, reports of a hotel and resturant industry in knees, in desperate need of a political reopening plan. 


Episode 3: The State of the Experience Economy

Guests: Brian Nielsen and Lars Ramme Nielsen

CEO of Down the Drain, NorthSide and Tinderbox Brian Nielsen shares his experience with a festival industry at a standstill and his thoughts on the government's handling of the situation. 

Head of Tourism and Experience Economy in Dansk Industri Lars Ramme Nielsen provides us with an overall overivew of this particular industry since the first lockdown in March 2020.