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Book a free online walk-through of the Risika platform. We will show you the various functions and take a non-committal talk about your credit and risk needs. 
Read below, the next steps after you have booked your online demo.


What happens after I have booked my demo?

  1. We will contact you to find the date and time, which suits you best 
  2. At the online demo we will have a brief talk about your needs and how Risika can help you accomodate these needs 
  3. You have the opportunity to sign up for a free trial of the platform 


Kristoffer Gerdes
Head of Customer Success 


What our customer thinks

"For us, Risika allows us to improve the work we do for our customers. We have the opportunity to make extracts from, for example, different industries where we receive e-mail data, phone number data, which we have the opportunity to upload to different platforms and thereby make very precise targeting. So for us, it's not a matter of necessarily credit risk, but closer to spending the money right for our customers."

Halfdan Moth Timm

Partner & Head of Social at Obsidian Digital

What our customer thinks

"At Freja, we ensure that shipments to our customers arrive on time, safely, and at a reasonable price. This is exactly what we prioritise when choosing our IT suppliers. Risika provides the best foundation for our employees to assess our customers’ credit while keeping the price down to a minimum."

Pia Kølsen

Team Manager Finance Operations at Freja Transport

What our customer thinks

"We are incredibly happy with Risika's platform, as it enables us to automate the credit process, thereby saving us time and costs. We use it across the entire Dagrofa Group, which enables us to react quickly to market changes" 

Dorte Ulsø Jensen

Head of Customer Accounting